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Bee and PuppyCat felt decoration

I love 'Bee and PuppyCat' so decided to create this felt decoration. This could be used as a pillow cover, tree topper, quilt and more. Overall this took me a few weeks to make, but I took my time with it to get all the details how I wanted them. I started by drawing out a rough design of what I wanted to create. I knew the design would be placed on a circular shape, and I wanted the design to mainly be characters.

I started cutting the shapes out of paper to use them as stencils. Once I had created the basic shapes, I drew around them on felt and then pieced them together to create 'Bee'

I placed the pieces together to see if everything fit correctly, I then sew her together. After that I created 'PuppyCat'. This one was a bit more simple to make as his face is mainly constructed of simple circles.

Once I had my characters finished I drew a rough circle shape around them to see how big the background should be.

Once I cut the circle shape out, I began cutting out food shapes to place within the circle, as well as some triangle and diamond shapes.

I began sewing the individual shapes together and then placed them on the background to help decided where everything should go. I attached each part separately and stuffed some sections with wool to make them stand out.

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